Sunday, January 25, 2009

Consumed - Part 2

Kissing that velvety soft skin beneath his ear, I hear him exhale and feel his body relax. So many times in my dreams, I imagined this, but the reality of his skin is so much softer against my lips. The angle of his jaw, the slope of his neck, the valley that leads to his shoulder and across the bridge of his collar bone. I stop and his eyes seek mine. The entrance to a secret world, so deep, so rich in potential, in danger. His hand gliding across my hip is his gift and in return, my tongue forgets any language but this. But this.

I kiss his stomach and feel him twitch, like the trembling air just before it thunders. And the scent of him grows stronger and my mind and my mouth wander and his legs stretch like an endless highway through the desert. I close my eyes and stoke the smooth skin of his inner thigh and I am at once everywhere and nowhere. I am exactly where I want to be. Always and forever. I feel the impending thunder under my fingertips and the smell of sudden rain on hot pavement and my thirst overwhelms me. I drink my fill of him, with irrepressible sighs in the background. Like the echoe of distant thunder. This is home; the flavor of the earth and all things that grow, strong and sweet, the deep pull of herbs and spices and ripening citrus fruit. I want to drown, to be buried here, with his strong shoulders holding back the world, his hands tangled like wild rose vines in my hair, the rhetoric of kiss and lick unleashing his hidden desires.

This is how I want to die. Happy. That at last I am allowed to love someone. For now.

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