Monday, January 12, 2009

Star light, star bright

The future so predictably uncertain. Love and friendship arguing over their boundaries. Hearts and minds testing their limits. I wish, just for once, I could be happy with how things are instead of imagining what's better yet. Just appreciate what I have rather than wondering how long it will last.

Memories cling like the smell of fresh coffee. I know I’m not the only one who remembers, but I always seem to be the one holding the empty cup. The scent of its former contents filling my senses. I don't want it, but there it is, warm in my hands, hinting of what's been drained from it, daring me to take another sip.

And seriously, I’ve come this far, what’s one more step? My universe may be small compared to some, but there is plenty of room here. So many stars, too few moons, like the night knows how strong it is and uses its knowledge against me.

Sometimes sound is useless for communication. Spoken words are nothing but naked letters, helpless and exposed. And they will only say what I tell them to.

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