Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The road

It was a good feeling, to be headed down that road with someone. To not be alone for once. Everything real so far away. The distance measured in soft caresses, not hard miles.

But then he stopped or got detoured or found a shortcut. Because suddenly his warmth wasn’t there anymore. No footprints except my own. That road less traveled not his cup of tea, I guess. And I wanted so to be more than just a name to him. Because a goodbye offers no parting gifts; just empty boxes.

So I stopped, backtracked, consulted the map on the best way to get from sex to love without friendship. And there he was again. His hand in mine. Each step providing hope where none should exist.

Not friends, but not strangers. No sound other than the steady beat in my head, and so I listen as the music spreads. Colorizing the lament of that road not traveled.

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