Monday, July 6, 2009

Chasing words

Nothing to say lately. Which isn’t really true at all. But I’m tired of chasing the words. Like that one last pea on a plate that doesn’t want to be eaten. I stab and miss and eventually decide I’m not hungry anymore.

I suspect ink would still pour out if I were to wound myself. Which I will not do, although the idea is tempting. Forcing words to rhyme is like leading that proverbial horse to water. It’s so easy to believe I’ll never fall out of love while I’m falling. That this thundercloud opera in my chest will still be echoing years from now.

My arms outstretched as I walk the rails. As if my bones were hollow and I could drink endless heartache from the darkening sky. I have no purpose anymore, just presence. Like stars on redundant pedestals. A t-shirt stained with tears. Remembering a time not so long ago when death sat at the kitchen table and I had no fear of immortality. Somehow the world made sense and I could churn out poetry in the name of being alive.


  1. I'm sorry I haven't been around... I'm posting at a different site now and I've been neglecting blogspot. I still enjoy reading you.

  2. I like this post... funny that it's so poetically describing not being able to write poetry... funny too that a post I put up earlier today has some of the same elements as your writing here... though I think you were better at naming the frustration of it...

    'spose I'll tell you what everybody keeps telling me...

    keep trying!!!