Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another day

A day used to be just another day. Another hurdle on this longest road. A day used to be something I had to face, get through, get over. Now every day is an opportunity. A chance. That he might call. That I might see him.

I hate that life has come to this.

I hate that my happiness, or lack of, has become so dependent on him. On a chance to see him. Touch him. Have him.

Although the time we spend together is incomparable. To anything. The time we spend together makes this longest road not matter. How long it is. Because when I’m with him, I just don’t care. How far I’ve yet to go.

Until he leaves. Me. And then it’s all I can think about. This world that is not my home. This world that I keep on pause so it will always be here, just like he left it. Just like he left me. As that longest road becomes even longer.

Another day. Another chance to see him. Touch him. Have him.

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