Wednesday, January 14, 2009

First kiss

"Stay... please." She almost dropped to her knees in reaction to the way those two words clutched at her heart.

She walked back to the couch - slowly, carefully - as if her actions might cause him to change his mind. His outstretched hand never wavered. His eyes never left hers. Large eyes, glistening, melting her from the inside - his gaze was what pulled her step by step, until she was once again sitting on the couch beside him. Her hand now in his. So warm. So strong.

She opened her mouth, but could not form any words. Her hand was quivering, cold, a little clammy. Nerves. She was nervous. So was he. They remained frozen in place, holding hands, eyes locked on each other. The silence in the room grew thick and tense; both of them afraid to speak, afraid the moment would be lost in verbalization; fearing that talk would kill the spontaneity.

Then he smiled. And a sudden warmth broke over her, like the sun, banishing the doubt, eradicating any worry that she was reading too much into his gesture, or too little. He smiled - for the first time that day - and her heart pounded as he leaned in and gently kissed her.

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