Thursday, January 8, 2009

I hate winter

Snuffing out thoughts with every heavy sigh. Wondering if anyone can hear any of the words I haven’t said. Wondering if I’ll ever be enough for anyone. Sifting through every moment in a search for lost glitters of gold, cold junkets of love in the blowing snow. Knowing they exist just makes me more determined to find them. There will never be time enough to remember everything, but I think I still know what’s real. Memories chasing themselves like a string of old Christmas lights. A temporary bridge that burns and leaves me stranded. I skip through these moods like songs in an old juke box because none of them ever feel right.

Some cocoons bring forth a creature so beautifully changed, while others lay forever dormant.

Perhaps it’s just the bitter taste of winter and the endless reach of want that makes me feel this way.

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