Monday, February 23, 2009

Going in circles

When I first picked it out, I couldn’t wait to wear it. So pretty, shiny. I loved what it represented. Not alone anymore. A part of something, someone. Happy, content, complete. It just felt right.

And then, over time, it faded. Like all things do. Slightly, sadly, inevitably. Like everything does.

I took it off one day and it stayed off. For seven years. In a drawer. Out of sight. Out of mind. As everything around me faded away. And nothing felt right.

And then one day I was searching. For something. And there is was. Still pretty, still shiny. And I put it back on. To see how it would feel. To see if it would feel like it used to. And something told me it was time. To say goodbye; to say hello. To remember what was real and accept what could never be. To make things right.

Until today.

Once again the end has lead me back to the beginning.


  1. "Once again the end has lead me back to the beginning."

    Very symbolic for a ring, no?

    Even though the experience must have been a little unsettling, I'm glad that you appear to be handling this discovery with perspective and acceptance.

    I know it isn't always easy to do so in such situations.

  2. I have yet to find anything worthwhile in life that is easy.